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Accessibility for disabled persons

If you have limited physical capacity, rest assured that CTMA Ferry provides services to make your crossing very enjoyable. It is essential, however, to clearly indicate your specific needs when making your reservation and when boarding, so we can assist you in the best way possible.

Following is some pratical information about our services :

Crew assistance and accessibility standards

In compliance with Transport Canada regulations, the ship’s crew has received training to assist persons with disabilities. CTMA Ferry also complies fully with the Canada Transportation Agency’s Communication Code and Code of Practice on ferry accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Passenger areas

Most general passenger areas are designed to be fully accessible for persons with disabilities. 


The CTMA Traversier is equipped with a passenger elevator providing access to all passenger service decks and the car deck. Note that in extreme weather conditions, the elevator may not be accessible for safety reasons. (elevator door width: 27”)

Adapted cabin

Passengers using a wheelchair are allowed to reserve an adapted cabin in advance. (door width: 29”)

First aid stations and defibrillator

A first aid station is available on the boarding deck. A bed and medical supplies such as EPI Pen auto-injectors and an automatic external defibrillator are available. Although there are no medical staff on board the ship, some crew members have received emergency response training. However, it is vital that you bring with you all medications needed for your wellbeing. To obtain medical assistance, please report to the ticket office.

Parking near the elevator

When you arrive at the boarding dock, you must notify crew members of your physical limitations so you can be assigned a parking pace on the car deck near the elevator.

Personal attendant’s fare

Passengers who must travel with a personal attendant due to limited physical capacities or a health problem must identify this person when making their reservation. Free passage for the personal attendant may be granted in the following cases:

  • Passengers in a wheelchair
  • Passengers with a visual impairment
  • Passengers with a hearing impairment
  • Passengers with a cognitive or developmental impairment
  • Passengers using mental health services

In all cases, for the personal attendant to be granted free passage, the primary passenger will be required to produce proof of disability at the ticket office when paying his/her fare (e.g. INCA card or CommuniCard, recognized medical note).

Public restrooms and accessible restrooms

The ship has accessible public restrooms for persons with disabilities as well as a dedicated accessible restroom.

  • Public restroom door threshold height : from 5” to 7.5”
  • Public restroom door width: 23.5”
  • Accessible restroom door threshold height : 0”
    (located on boarding deck)
  • Accessible restroom door width : 34”
    (located on boarding deck)

Your comments are appreciated

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about our accessible services for persons with disabilities, do not hesitate to contact our customer service agents.


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