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Do I have to make a reservation?

You should reserve in advance throughout the year. For more information, read our reservation and cancellation policy.

How do I make a reservation and how far in advance can I reserve?

You can make a reservation up to three hours before the crossing departure time, if space is still available, by telephone or online. Starting in October, reservations may be made for the entire following year. You can book by phone up to 3 hours before departure, depending on customer service opening hours. You can book online up to three hours before departure.

I want to change or cancel my reservation, what must I do?

If you have made a reservation online, you can access your online file at any time to modify it free of charge up to 3 hours before your scheduled departure. You can change over the phone up to 3 hours before departure, depending on customer service opening hours. For more information, see our reservation and cancellation policy.

Delay or cancellation of a crossing

If the crossing is delayed, how will I be notified?

If the ship leaves at the scheduled time but is delayed during the crossing by more than two hours, the departure time of the next crossing will be updated in the Crossing status section.

If a crossing departure time is delayed, you will be notified of the new departure time by the CTMA Ferry alerts manager or in the Crossing status section.

If a crossing is delayed by poor weather conditions, how does CTMA Ferry manage the situation?

When a crossing is delayed, all initial reservations are automatically transferred. Several communication tools are used to provide notification of any schedule change.

1. All passengers travelling that day automatically receive a telephone, text or email alert, based on the option they selected when making their reservation.
2. All CTMA Ferry alerts manager subscribers automatically receive information via telephone, text or email, based on the option they selected when subscribing.
3. Information is posted in the Crossing status section, which is updated regularly.

When a crossing is cancelled, who takes priority for the next crossing?

When a crossing is cancelled and there is enough space available on the next crossing, all reservations are automatically transferred to this new crossing.

When a crossing is cancelled and there is not enough space available on the next crossing, priority is managed by the date the reservation was created. Passengers who reserved further in advance therefore will be the first to obtain a space on the next available crossing.

Is any compensation paid when a crossing is delayed or cancelled?

Unfortunately, weather conditions can disrupt crossing schedules and thus, your travel plans. CTMA Ferry is not liable for any costs incurred by a schedule change.

However, CTMA Ferry is committed to notifying its passengers of the schedule change and reserving a space for them on the next available crossing. Consult our terms and conditions.

Note that schedule changes are more frequent in winter (depending on weather and ice conditions) and during the peak travel period in the high season (from June to September).


Are fares always the same regardless of the crossing date?

CTMA Ferry offers a low-season fare between September 15 and June 14. For more information, see our Fares section.

When do I have to pay for my reservation?

Full payment for the crossing is made at the time of booking. Before starting your booking, ensure that you have with you:

- Your travel dates
- The height of your vehicle (6 feet and under or higher than 6 feet)
- The exact length of your vehicle, if it is over 21 feet (including any trailer or object exceeding the normal length of the vehicle)
- The name and age category of all passengers travelling
- Your credit card (full payment for your crossing is required at booking)

What is the payment options?

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Why do you levy a fuel surcharge?

CTMA Ferry has implemented a fuel surcharge to offset fluctuations in fuel costs. Passengers therefore pay a variable surcharge based on fuel costs at the time of their crossing.

How is the fuel surcharge determined?

The fuel surcharge is set each spring when the operating budget is negotiated with Transport Canada. CTMA Ferry takes out risk coverage, a process that allows it to purchase fuel in advance to guarantee a set price and obtain protection from possible fluctuations.

What are the fares for commercial vehicles?

Please note that commercial vehicles cannot reserve in advance. For more information, see the Carriage of commercial vehicles section.


Are we allowed to sleep at the port?

Cap-aux-Meules Port 

Passengers are not allowed to leave their vehicle on the dock and/or sleep on the dock at Cap-aux-Meules. For morning crossings, the dock opens at 5 a.m. and for evening crossings, the dock opens at 5 p.m.

Souris Port 

The dock is always open and passengers may leave their vehicle on the dock and/or sleep on the dock. However, passengers who sleep on the dock will have to leave the dock before the start of boarding to go to the gate to check in. 

At what time must I arrive?

In hight season (June 15 to September 14) you must arrive at the boarding dock in Cap-aux-Meules or Souris at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the CTMA Ferry. In low season (September 15 to June 14) you must arrive at the boarding dock in Cap-aux-Meules or Souris at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. For more information, read our Boarding policy.

What do I need for boarding?

When you arrive at the boarding dock, you must then present your confirmation of your reservation (paper or electronic) so that you can be issued a boarding pass. For boarding, you must have with you all personal effects needed for the five-hour crossing, since you will not be able to return to your vehicle after the ship departs.

When does boarding start?

Boarding starts 1 hour before the crossing departure time. It therefore is very important to comply with the arrival time.

When can I return to my vehicle?

An announcement will be made when it is time for you to return to your vehicle on the car deck. You must wait for this announcement and then proceed to your vehicle quickly.

How long does disembarkation take?

Depending on the number of vehicles on the crossing, it takes between 30 and 50 minutes to disembark from the ferry. It is important to wait and start your vehicle only when the vehicle directly in front of you starts to move.

Conveniences aboard

What services are available on board?

CTMA Ferry provides a full range of services. For more information, see the Services on board section.

Are crossings accessible for persons with disabilities?

These services are partially accessible for persons with disabilities. To obtain assistance, it is best to indicate your condition when making your reservation. It is also important to notify the employees responsible for boarding. For more information, see the Disabled persons accessibility section.

Are cabins available for rent?

Yes and it is necessary to proceed with the cabin reservation as soon as the crossing is booked. The rate is $75 per cabin +tx. The cabins have two beds side by side and two bunk beds. Each cabin is also equipped with a private bathroom with a shower and a small desk with stool. Cabin reservations are made online and by phone. Note: In the event of a breakage in one or more cabins, the CTMA may not be able to honor your cabin reservation. You will then be reimbursed.

When do I have to vacate my cabin ?

 You must vacate your cabin 45 minutes prior to the arrival of the ship. A crew member will notify you by knocking on the cabin door. 

What forms of payment are accepted on board the ship?

Payments are accepted in cash or by Visa, MasterCard, and debit card. 

Can I smoke on board?

Smoking is allowed only on the outdoor deck.

Can I smoke cannabis on board?

Altough cannabis is legal as of October 17, 2018, its use or sale is strictly prohibited aboard CTMA ships.

Can pets be brought aboard the ship?

Pets are permitted only on the outdoor decks or in vehicles on the car deck. However, access to the car deck is prohibited during the crossing, for safety reasons. For more information, see the Travelling with pets section.

Other information

What goods can I bring aboard the ship?

Goods carried aboard the ship must meet Canada’s Merchant Marine requirements. See our safety rules for more information.

What about sea sickness?

The ship is equipped with stabilizers the minimize pitching. However, you should obtain information about necessary precautions if you are subject to sea sickness. The crew provides no medications so we suggest that you bring your own in case the need arises.

Are there medical staff on board?

There is no nurse or physician on board, but the CTMA Ferry crew has received emergency response training.

I have discovered damage to my vehicle. What should I do?

If this damage was caused during boarding or disembarking and a crew member witnessed the incident, you must report the situation immediately. You will then be told the procedure to follow. If no crew member witnessed the incident, or if damage occurred before boarding, CTMA Ferry cannot do anything.

I lost/found an item. To whom should I speak?

If you found an item, please turn it in to staff on duty at the ticket office. When an item is found but not claimed during the crossing, it is sent to the terminal in Cap-aux-Meules. Lost items can be recovered on board or at 70 du Débarcadère Road in Cap-aux-Meules.

Can I place my vehicle on board even if I am not a passenger?

No, there must be a passenger assigned to your vehicle, to board and disembark the vehicle.

Are there charging stations for electric vehicles?

No, unfortunately, the ship is nor yet equipped with charging stations





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