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Prince Edward Island / Îles de la Madeleine Ferry Sail with us to the islands

Safety on board

At CTMA, safety is our top priority.

A safe ship. The Madeleine II is subject to strict inspections as well as regular internal and external audits. Prevention, safety on board our ships is managed through the International Management Code, established by the International Maritime Organization.

Crew members with emergency response training. CTMA Ferry crew members have received a range of training to handle emergencies at sea. Crew members also conduct weekly evacuation drills. Health and safety committees enable everyone to participate in prevention, health, safety, and environment. 

Following are a few safety rules aboard the CTMA Ferry.

Fire and smoke detectors
The ship is equipped with fire and smoke detectors. If a fire alarm sounds, you must follow the crew’s instructions. Safety plans show you where you are and where the muster station is located.

Please note that smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the ship. A designated smoking area is located on the outdoor deck 6.

Cannabis Use Policy Aboard CTMA Ferry
Altough cannabis is legal as of October 17, 2018, its use or sale is strictly prohibited aboard CTMA ships.

Goods carried
All goods carried aboard the ship must comply with boarding deck requirements. No hazardous goods will be accepted.

Transport Canada regulations prohibit the carriage of gasoline and propane in excess of the following quantities: 

  • Automobiles: a portable gasoline container not exceeding 25 litres;
  • Recreational vehicle: two propane gas tanks totalling no more than 65 litres;
  • Vehicle towing a motor vehicle: two portable containers not exceeding 25 litres each.

For additional information about dangerous goods, contact the reservations office. 

Car deck
When you board, crew members will indicate where you should park your vehicle. Please follow their instructions. Here are a few important rules:

  • As soon as you have parked on the car deck, turn off your engine without delay and set the parking brake.
  • You must be prepared to exit your vehicle as quickly as possible once you have parked. All hand baggage must be ready prior to boarding.
  • Be sure to bring all your personal effects with you, since access to the car deck is prohibited during the crossing.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the car deck, including inside your vehicle.
  • When debarking, do not start your vehicle until the vehicle directly in front of you starts to move.

Recreational vehicles
Before driving a recreational vehicle onto the ship, you must comply with certain rules.

  • All liquid gas tanks must be shut off and tagged (CTMA staff will give you a tag on the boarding dock).
  • Electrical appliances must be disconnected.
  • All propane gas tanks must be firmly secured to the vehicle, in vertical position.

Video on emergency evacuation procedures
To familiarize yourself with the emergency evacuation procedure, it is strongly recommended that you take a few minutes to view the video on safety measures on board the ship. 






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