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Carriage of commercial vehicles

CTMA Ferry is committed to providing the best possible service for all its passengers, including commercial customers.

Following is some useful information for commercial customers:

  • The following commercial vehicles may reserve passage: commercial vehicle with lettered trailer 25 feet long or less, non-oversized commercial vehicle (e.g. Econoline)
  • All other types of commercial carriers may not reserve in advance, but must report to the boarding dock, in the waiting line for commercial vehicles, and wait until space is available. For more information on boarding priorities, read our boarding policy.
  • Commercial vehicles more than 12 feet wide can only be boarded through one door. The captain must execute an additional manoeuvre, turning the ship to its side after unloading. This incurs an additional charge of $1,500.
  • Commercial vehicle clearance: 15.3 feet high/12.6 feet wide/78 feet long

2020 Fares

  All seasons
Description of the unity
Commercial vehicle and/or trailer
9 feet wide or less

Commercial vehicle and/or trailer
more than 9 feet wide

Heavy machinery* (2 tons and more)


* Heavy machinery must be sipped on its own and will be charged per ton. If the machinery is transported using a platform, the price will be calculated on a linear basis. 

For more information about carriage of commercial vehicles aboard the CTMA Traversier, contact Customer Service at 1 888 986-3278 or 418 986-3278.

For any other commercial transportation service, contact the CTMA Transport division.


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