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Carriage of commercial vehicles

CTMA Ferry provides a ferry service whose primary purpose is the transport of passengers. That is why commercial vehicles longer than 21 feet in length cannot use the reservation system to access the ferry.

Following is some useful information for commercial customers:

  • All non-oversized commercial vehicle under 21 feet in length (cube trucks are accepted) may reserve directly online or by phone. Regular rates will apply.
  • Commercial vehicles over 21 feet in length cannot reserve and are handled on the boarding dock on a first-come, first-served basis. A different rate applies for commercial vehicles. See the fee schedule below.
  • Read our boarding policy to find out about boarding priority according to vehicle type.
  • Tractor trailers 53 feet in length or longer can under no circumstance reserve via the passenger reservation system.

Following is some useful information for commercial customers:

Any type of vehicle longer than 21 feet (with or without trailer) used for the commercial trade that contains material, food products, technical machinery or equipment or any other type of goods for transportation, delivery, sale or resale.

Commercial trade : for the purpose of generating revenue.

See the examples of the most commons type of commercial vehicle non accepted in reservation.  exemples les plus communs ... 

Procedure on the Dock

CTMA Traversier reserves the right to inspect the cargo space of your vehicle, cancel your reservation made in the passenger reservation system and bill the vehicle’s owner at the commercial rate if the vehicle was classified as being a passenger vehicle via the reservation system whereas it is clear that the vehicle, which exceeds 21 feet in length, is being used for commercial trade.

Dangerous Goods

CTMA Traversier must ensure the safety of the contents placed in the cargo space and check that vehicles are not carrying dangerous goods. CTMA Traversier assumes that you are not transporting dangerous goods.*

If you plan to carry dangerous goods*, you are required to inform CTMA Traversier’s customer service department PRIOR TO YOUR CROSSING, at the risk of being refused access to the ferry.

*Among the most commonly used dangerous substances are the following, without limitation:

  • propane, butane, acetylene and other flammable gases; • gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, methanol and other flammable liquids;
  • oxygen, nitrogen, helium and other non-flammable gases;
  • chlorine for pools, fireworks, cleaning products, certain glues and paint remover;
  • fire extinguishers;
  • any other goods posing a risk for the health and safety of people or for property or the environment.

To see the full list, visit the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations website.

Oversized Vehicles

  • A vehicle is considered oversized when it exceeds 9 feet in width. A fee schedule different from the one below will apply. Please contact customer service for further details.
  • All owners of vehicles exceeding 12 feet in width or of non-standard vehicles are required to contact customer service prior to arrival at the boarding dock. 

2024-2025 Fares

  All seasons 
March 31, 2025)
Description of the unity*

21 to 25 feet


26 to 30 feet


31 to 35 feet


36 to 40 feet

41 to 45 feet $385,20
46 to 50 feet $430,00
51 to 55 feet $474,75
56 to 60 feet $519,55
61 to 65 feet $564,35
66 to 70 feet $609,15
71 to 75 feet $653,90
76 to 80 feet $698,70
Heavy machinery** (2 tons and more) $52,00/ton

* When your unit exceeds the measurement of a price range (ex: 25 feet 2 inches), please round your measurement to the next whole number (26 to 30 feet category).

** Heavy machinery must be sipped on its own and will be charged per ton. If the machinery is transported using a platform, the price will be calculated on a linear basis. 

Notes :

  • Rates are per one way.
  • All rates are in Canadian dollars.
  • A fuel surcharge will be added to the rates.
  • Rates are tax exempt.
  • CTMA TRAVERSIER LTÉE reserves the right to : inspect the cargo space of vehicles, cancel a reservation made in the passenger reservation system, bill the vehicle owner at the cargo rate and take any other measure is the vehicle has been classified as being a passenger vehicle through the passenger reservation system whereas it is clear that the vehicle measuring longer than 21 feet and longer may under no circumstance reserve through the passenger reservation system.

For more information about carriage of commercial vehicles aboard the CTMA Traversier, contact Customer Service at 1 888 986-3278 or 418 986-3278.

For any other commercial transportation service, contact the CTMA Transport division.


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