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COVID-19 Reservation and cancellation policies

Due to the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, we recently changed our cancellation and modification policies.

  • Until further notice, it is possible for passengers who already have a reservation to have a full refund of their deposit. To have a refund, contact the Customer Service at 1-888-986-3278 or 418-986-3278.

Standard reservation and cancellation policies

Please note that the standard reservation and cancellation policies does not apply due to the health crisis. You must refer to the COVID-19 Reservation and cancellation policies.


  • Advance reservations are required year-round.
  • The following information is required to reserve: arrival and departure dates, vehicle make and licence plate number, name, telephone number, email address and payment information.
  • When reserving your crossing, you must provide contact information so we can reach you in the event of a schedule change. It is important to provide the correct information (telephone, text, or email), as this is how Customer Service will contact you if your crossing is delayed or cancelled.
  • All reservations require a $50 deposit per vehicle, per crossing.
  • The balance is payable upon boarding the ship, at the ticket office.
  • For your reservation to remain valid, you must arrive at the boarding dock at least one hour before the crossing departure time. Late arrivals are automatically moved to the end of the line of vehicles on standby and lose their guarantee of a place.

  • No reservations can be made within 3 hours of the boat's departure. Vehicles they wish to board must wait in line and space for them is not guaranteed. 

Cancelling or changing a reservation

  • For cancellations, you have 24 hours, following your reservation, to contact Customer Service and request a refund of your deposit. Exceeding this deadline, no refund will be possible.
  • No deposit will be refunded in the event of cancellation or no-show.
  • Reservation changes are only possible by contacting Customer Service at 1 888 986-3278 or 418 986-3278 (check Customer Service business hours). Reservations may be changed at no cost until the day before departure.
  • All changes must be confirm by CTMA Customer Service before being valid.
  • When changing a reservation, the new departure date must be within one year following the date your file was opened.
  • No refund will be made after your crossing has been completed.

Notes :

What vehicle types are allowed to reserve? What vehicle types are not allowed to reserve?
  • Any regular vehicle
  • Any regular vehicle with a lettered trailer
  • Any vehicle towing a lettered trailer 25 feet long or less
  • Any non-oversized commercial vehicle (e.g. Econoline)
  • Bus with passengers
  • Any vehicle towing a lettered trailer more than 25 feet long
  • Any oversized commercial vehicle (e.g. cube truck, tractor-trailer)
  • Bus without passengers

Procedure – Last-minute reservations in emergency situations

Do you need to leave the Islands for an emergency and there are no spots left on the ferry?
Let’s clarify what is considered an emergency:
• A medical appointment (with an exact date) off the Islands
• Death of an immediate, first-degree relative*
Here’s the procedure to follow:
1. You must have at hand a doctor’s note clearly indicating the date of the medical appointment or a notice of death issued by a funeral home.
2. You must go to the CTMA reservations department with your doctor’s note as soon as the appointment has been made.
3. Your request will be evaluated by the reservations manager and processed within 24 hours.
4. Your spot on board will be reserved for the closest possible date to your medical appointment or the funeral service you will be attending.
Please note:
• In the event that we cannot vacate a spot for you on the desired departure date, you may check our website or with the reservations department at any time to see if a spot has become available on your preferred date.
• If a date shows as available and the reservations department is closed, you can reserve the spot online and call us within 24 hours to be reimbursed for the initial reservation.
*Requests made within 7 days following a death are considered urgent.


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